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Laidlaw Group Launches Inspirited Living Brand

New Website and Brand for Inspirited Living

Laidlaw Group‘s latest work for Inspirited Living defines the luxury brand as a destination to hearten, inspire and encourage individuals to reach their full potential. Inspirited Living founder Lynne Bryan Phipps is an accomplished

, yachtswoman, interior architect and ordained minister. Laidlaw developed an interactive website that connects to a larger social media platform and offers a world-class shopping experience and vehicle for rejuvenation.

 Lynne chose Laidlaw Group for this project because of their experience with international luxury brands, equestrian products and their knowledge of the health and wellness market. Cindy Laidlaw, principal at Laidlaw Group, commented, “I felt a connection with Lynne’s vision and as an equestrienne myself I knew we could make her vision a reality.”  The word inspirited, which means “to instill courage or life into,” accurately describes Lynne’s accomplishments. Laidlaw Group created a brand that delivers the meaningful content in an effective and aesthetically appealing way.

From the moment the user enters the website, the immaculate white backdrop accentuates the vivid, screen-spanning photos and elegant typeface. Clear-cut dropdown menus share Lynne’s various forms of inspiration, from people and businesses to horses, stories and art. Features like the Daily Horoscope and daily inspirational quotes foster a rapidly growing community of inspirited followers. The website houses a blog and connects users to social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

 Lynne has searched the world for the items in her Inspirited Collections. Users can choose from the Pegasos Collection of handmade horse hair bracelets and Metlar Swarovski crystal belts to the South African Ardmore Qalakabusha Sofa and fractional ownership in McMillen vintage yachts.

 One of the most personalized features of the website are Foot Candles, encouraging notes, some of which are written by Lynne, that inspire her followers to “Have an Inspirited Day.”

 The Inspirited Living website can be viewed at Find Inspirited Living on Twitter at and on Facebook at


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A Pin For Every Thought — The Pinterest Supernova


Pins. Boards. Repins. Attachments to your toolbar. To the uninitiated, and to those less tech or trend savvy than others, these words might sound like we’re setting up some sort of kitchen installation. But to the Laidlaw Group, LLC, to avid members of new social media platform Pinterest, and to cunning marketers, these four words make eyes light up and brains start buzzing. That’s because Pinterest, the Little Social Network That Could, burst onto the Web and rocketed its way to the top of everyone’s conversation. It blew past Foursquare, Tumblr, Google+ and even YouTube to become the number 3 social network on the planet, surpassed only by Twitter and Facebook. And that’s not even the most extraordinary part of the story — it did it all in only 12 months.

Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. The development began at the very end of 2009 and into the next year, with the site launching in a limited, invitation-only beta form in March of 2010. From there, it was a runaway train to success. In December 2010 they had 100,000 users, and the founders were still operating out of a small apartment. A mobile app was created in March 2011, receiving shocking amounts of downloads. By December 2011, the website was receiving 11 million visits a week. In January of 2012, it was reported that Pinterest was driving more referrals to retailers and businesses than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Numerous awards followed, and by the end of that same month, Pinterest was declared the fastest website in the history of the internet to accumulate 10 million users.

That was eight months ago. Now, the two year old website is worth at least $1 billion. And it’s still growing. The primary demographics of Pinterest are the subject of most… interest. The site users skew heavily female. The breakdown is 80% female, 20% male. Half of the user base, male and female, are parents. Here are the age demographics.


And thanks to this infographic by Buzz Referrals, some very enticing information has been made available:

1)      Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors from non-social channels. This means people who reach retailer websites through Pinterest are willing to spend much more cash on their products than anyone else. This includes social media — Pinterest users are 10% likelier to shop than Facebook and Twitter users, and will spend 10% more, too.

2)      Tutorials, DIY (do-it-yourself) and recipe pins receive 42% more clicks than other pins. This means companies focused on food, health, arts and crafts and fashion can benefit greatly from using Pinterest.

3)      On average, Pinterest users are on site for one hour and 17 minutes. In a world full of advertising noise, where customers are extremely wary of ads and exasperated with salespeople and pitches, it’s getting more and more difficult to brand your products without customers quickly ignoring or leaving the area. Pinterest is a unique, almost miraculous exception to the rule. It’s literally a website where the people who always spend the most money (women and mothers aged 18-34) spend hours of their precious time making lists of products they wish to have or places they want to visit. Then they share these lists and interests with everyone around them.

We at Laidlaw Group, LLC, like many others, realize the unique marketing potential of a platform like this. That’s why we encourage the use of Pinterest with incoming clients. It’s all part of our ongoing, strategic efforts to maximize the exposure our customers receive and ensure that their businesses are always part of ongoing conversations, wherever the conversation is taking place. Social networking is here to stay. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the other trend-setting websites are not going anywhere, and the user count for each service grows every single day. It won’t be long before everyone who can type is on a social network. Pinterest is just the latest, possibly even greatest, to enter the arena.


Check out the latest ABC NEWS Segment on Pinterest!
video platform

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Social Media Spending Is Going to Explode

social media outlets


Social Media Integration at Boston’s Laidlaw Group

For the last three years, we have focused on integrating social media platforms into our clients marketing communications programs. The social media channels have produced a substantial increase in brand awareness for our clients. This recent article from Ad Age Digital is worth a read.

Facebook is prepping for a massive IPO, Twitter is focusing its business exclusively on advertising and nearly three-fifths of digital decision-makers polled last fall said they plan to boost their social media ad spend over the next 12 months.

In an Advertiser Perceptions semiannual survey of nearly 1,200 people involved in deciding how ad dollars are spent digitally, 59% of respondents said they would increase social-media-ad spending in the next 12 months, compared with just 4% who said they would decrease spending on social platforms.

The survey also found that, on average, social media advertising will make up about 27% of digital budgets over the next 12 months, compared with 22% in the previous 12 months. No other digital category — including ad networks/exchanges, media companies, demand-side platforms, portals and agency-trading desks — expect to see in-budget share gains over the next 12 months.

About 60% of respondents work for agencies and 40% for brands, covering the Ad Age Top 100 advertisers in the process.

“The one area that marketers were more bullish on than agencies is social,” said Randy Cohen, co-founder and president of Advertiser Perceptions, which is expected to release the full results Tuesday afternoon.

Agency-trading desks, which handle bulk-audience buying on behalf of clients, was the only digital category in which respondents said they would decrease rather than increase spending over the next 12 months. Sixteen percent of respondents said they plan to reduce trading-desk outlays; 15% said they would raise them.

One strong caveat: The results indicate what decision-makers intend to do about allocating ad dollars. Results and other factors will ultimately determine what they actually spend, and Mr. Cohen said that while marketers feel they should be spending on social platforms, they are doing so without clear insights as to why. “From a results perspective … I think the jury is still out,” he said.

But what it does mean, if you’re in the business of selling social, is that the doors are open and, in many cases, the checkbooks are out.

The leading digital advertisers believe that half of their budgets in the next 12 months will be spent on brand-focused advertising. That number was just 25% or 30% three or four years ago, Mr. Cohen said.


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The Oscars Get Social With the Help of People Magazine, Redbox and Gilt Groupe

People Magazine

Celebrities have been a vital part of creating and influencing the tidal wave that is Social Media. Social Media has created the opportunity for events like the Oscars to rise above traditional broadcast outreach and be personalized through social channels. This Sunday, People Magazine goes social, and we think it’s very exciting!

People Magazine Rolls Out the Red Carpet
Partnerships with Gilt, Redbox Promote Oscars Coverage
By Emma Bazilian

“This Sunday night, millions of viewers will tune into the Academy Awards to find out who takes home film’s top honors—and see who makes the ‘Best Dressed’ lists. To capitalize on the red carpet obsession, the People franchise is rolling out e-commerce and social media initiatives to put readers in the middle of the sartorial whirlwind that is the Oscars.

“‘Red carpet is the most anticipated coverage of the year among our readers,’ People publisher Karen Kovacs told Adweek.

To capitalize on that buzz, the magazine is sending subscribers an Awards Show Special issue spotlighting the season’s best red carpet fashions. To boost newsstand sales, People struck a partnership with Redbox to give single-copy buyers a free one-night movie rental.

“People also is jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon this year. Stylewatch editors will curate items inspired by the evening for a ‘Get the Look: Red Carpet’ sale on Gilt Groupe. If the content-only partnership is successful (the magazine isn’t getting any cut of sales), it could lead to further e-commerce collaborations, Kovacs said.

“That red carpet frenzy is also evidenced on, which gets its biggest traffic boost of the year on the day after the Oscars, according to managing editor Janice Morris. In addition to covering the event’s fashion moments, is encouraging readers to interact with the site through a live blog on the site and social media.

“Last year’s live trivia competition will return to, but it will feature a new Facebook tie-in that lets participants play with their friends. Pinterest boards focusing on Oscars and red carpet fashion will be updated with photos from the evening. And People’s Twitter account will promote content and encourage people to make their own best-dressed lists.”

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Happy New Year from Laidlaw!

As 2011 draws to an end, Laidlaw Group takes time to reflect on the milestones of the past year and is poised to move onward into 2012. The year was filled with growth for Laidlaw. Our concentration on branding integration has allowed us to rise to the next level of integrated communications in social and mobile.

Our ability to create great work goes hand in hand with the company we keep. The Laidlaw team thrives on the ability to work together toward a common vision and we understand that teamwork directs individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It fuels ordinary people to attain extraordinary results and sits at the core of Laidlaw’s work ethic.

The story reads the same for our clients who surround us. The freedom our clients give us allows the creation of exceptional work and results in the reward of mutual respect and trust. We are lucky to have clients that are as passionate about what they do as we are about what we do. We would like to thank all of our clients for their continued respect and teamwork!

With 2012 in our sights we are eager to move forward and flourish as a fully integrated marketing communications company. With the latest introduction of our web based mobile app we have expanded the scope of our business and now offer our clients the ability to provide access to their customers 24/7. Full integration of our client’s brand and vision, across all platforms and media, has been the drive at Laidlaw Group from the very beginning. It is the fuel that heats up the excitement of achievement and 2012 looks like a hot one.

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Laidlaw Building Web-Based Mobile App for In Classic Style

Laidlaw Create Mobile Platforms
In Classic Style, the luxury online magazine created by renowned restauranteur Carl Christian will soon be launching a web-based app for its members. The app is being designed and developed by Laidlaw Group. In Classic Style joins Boston’s Best Cruises and Water Taxi who are currently working with Laidlaw Group to reach their customers via mobile.

Laidlaw knows mobile is a must in today’s tech-savvy world. We offer three solutions to bring our clients directly to their customers’ fingertips. We can create a mobile app, a mobile website designed specifically for ease of use on mobile devices or we can rebuild websites not currently viewable on mobile devices or tablets. “With our suite of mobile services, we’re putting our clients’ brands directly into the hands of their clients and customers,” says Cindy Laidlaw, agency Principal. “The proprietary platform we’ve developed for apps is web-based, instantly updatable and can be customized to meet a range of client needs, from connecting customers to Google Maps for wayfinding, providing e-commerce purchasing capabilities, offering instant access to dinner reservations and launching promotions. Our clients have immediate access to their customers 24/7.”

In Classic Style will benefit from Laidlaw’s substantial experience integrating print, web, social and mobile platforms to define brand identity. “Today, information accessibility has to be immediate and available from multiple platforms,” says Cindy Laidlaw, agency Principal.

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Laidlaw Creates Online Destination Object Lust for Design Savvy Consumers

Object Lust
For the founders of Object Lust, it was destiny that brought them together. As interior designers, Susan Schaub and Scott Bell share a passion for design, art and classical architecture. They both love antiquing for hours, traveling and shopping at the Paris flea markets and restoring and renovating period homes. They have a harmonious business style with impeccable attention to detail and quite simply, they compliment each other.

Now, 13 years later, their stars have aligned once again when they chose Laidlaw Group to launch their newest venture Object Lust. Laidlaw created the Object Lust website as a destination for design savvy consumers to search “to the trade” items by category and browse designer furniture brands, unique fabrics and decorative objects from leading manufacturers. Once the customer finds what they’re looking for, they call or email Object Lust and request product & pricing information.

In addition to designing the website, Laidlaw Group has created social destinations where consumers can interact with the company on Twitter and Facebook and visit the Object Lust Blog to learn about the latest trends in color, design, architecture and interior design. It’s nothing but spectacular for the consumer who wants to immerse themselves in the world of interior design.

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Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom
For all of our clients, social media plays a critical role in establishing and strengthening brand identity as well as offering an invaluable connection to potential customers, partners and the world at large. Combined with our advertising, marketing, graphic design, web development, public relations and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, Laidlaw Group understands the ever-increasing value of a comprehensive Social Influence Marketing (SIM) program, integrating Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more to benefit our clients and differentiate them in the marketplace.

In a recent article on ScienceBlogs, John Dupuis, head of the Steacie Science and Engineering Library at York University in Ontario, discusses his similar views on the impressive influence of social media and how colleges and universities have begun adding these components in the classroom environment.

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Social Media Spending on the Rise

Social Media Marketing at Laidlaw GroupAccording to a poll from Effie Worldwide and Mashable, companies including top firms like Bank of America, Colgate-Palmolive and Mini USA view social media as an essential and ever-growing facet of their marketing plans. In fact, over 70% of businesses polled stated they plan to increase their social media budget by at least 10% for the upcoming year.

At Laidlaw Group, we are experts at combining traditional marketing channels with evolving social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, maximizing customer engagement and audience reach to strengthen our clients’ brands. Visit our website, become a Facebook fan and follow us on Twitter to learn more about our innovative work.

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We Can See the Future: Part 2

Yesterday, we were talking about mobile and its necessity as part of a successful integrated branding campaign. Today, the topic is SEO. We’ve pioneered a proprietary approach with Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere, working together to heighten visibility for our clients.

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