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The Oscars Get Social With the Help of People Magazine, Redbox and Gilt Groupe

People Magazine

Celebrities have been a vital part of creating and influencing the tidal wave that is Social Media. Social Media has created the opportunity for events like the Oscars to rise above traditional broadcast outreach and be personalized through social channels. This Sunday, People Magazine goes social, and we think it’s very exciting!

People Magazine Rolls Out the Red Carpet
Partnerships with Gilt, Redbox Promote Oscars Coverage
By Emma Bazilian

“This Sunday night, millions of viewers will tune into the Academy Awards to find out who takes home film’s top honors—and see who makes the ‘Best Dressed’ lists. To capitalize on the red carpet obsession, the People franchise is rolling out e-commerce and social media initiatives to put readers in the middle of the sartorial whirlwind that is the Oscars.

“‘Red carpet is the most anticipated coverage of the year among our readers,’ People publisher Karen Kovacs told Adweek.

To capitalize on that buzz, the magazine is sending subscribers an Awards Show Special issue spotlighting the season’s best red carpet fashions. To boost newsstand sales, People struck a partnership with Redbox to give single-copy buyers a free one-night movie rental.

“People also is jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon this year. Stylewatch editors will curate items inspired by the evening for a ‘Get the Look: Red Carpet’ sale on Gilt Groupe. If the content-only partnership is successful (the magazine isn’t getting any cut of sales), it could lead to further e-commerce collaborations, Kovacs said.

“That red carpet frenzy is also evidenced on, which gets its biggest traffic boost of the year on the day after the Oscars, according to managing editor Janice Morris. In addition to covering the event’s fashion moments, is encouraging readers to interact with the site through a live blog on the site and social media.

“Last year’s live trivia competition will return to, but it will feature a new Facebook tie-in that lets participants play with their friends. Pinterest boards focusing on Oscars and red carpet fashion will be updated with photos from the evening. And People’s Twitter account will promote content and encourage people to make their own best-dressed lists.”

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Digiday Discusses the Impact of Mobile on Consumer Buying Behavior

Yesterday, we came across this article on Digiday discussing the impact of the smartphone era on consumer purchasing that we wanted to share. Working daily with clients to create mobile websites and proprietary mobile apps, we understand the growing importance and prominence of smartphones in consumers’ everyday lives.

How Smart Phones Influence Buying
by Jack Marshall

“Does mobile drive shopping? Well, it depends.

“According to research Google and Ipsos conducted over the 2011 holiday period, smartphone devices play a role at different parts of consumers’ paths to purchase, but they do so in different ways for different people.

“For example, 41 percent of those who used their mobile phones to help with shopping said they purchase directly from the device itself, while 37 percent claimed to have researched on a phone before purchasing on a desktop. Meanwhile, 46 percent of respondents said they’ve researched items on a smartphone before going in the store to buy, and, interestingly, 19 percent have researched products both on a smartphone and in-store before purchasing online.

“An interesting point to note from the 600-person survey is the number of users that went in-store to research but opted to purchase online instead. This likely reflects the cheaper price-points often offered online, but it suggests consumers still like to see products in person before committing to a purchase.”

Digiday - Impact of Smartphones on Buying Decisions

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The Unique Balance In The Client Agency Relationship

Laidlaw Group
by Cindy Laidlaw

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with many great clients. They have included Fortune 500 CEO’s, passionate entrepreneurs, successful retailers, up and coming manufacturers, government agencies, high-powered executives, sports icons and charitable organizations who have each, in their own way, left an indelible mark on us.

As often as I talk about the impact these relationships have had on our careers and how they have influenced the culture of Laidlaw Group, I don’t think I have ever actually defined what we consider to be a great client.

A great client allows us to take them out of their comfort zone and believes in us. They believe that with our guidance, their brand will soar to new heights. They trust that we bring our experience, expertise, commitment and creativity to their project, and they know that we judge our success by results. We realize that we will never know their business as well as they do, but great clients know that our experience and objectivity often lead to new discoveries and unearthed opportunities that would never have been found without their willingness to trust us and be open to change. More importantly there comes a point when they join us on our journey to define them, and we truly work together. Walls come down and communication channels open up. It is a very rewarding moment for us.

So we thank them for believing in us and respecting us over the years and allowing us to fulfill our passion which is to do great work that we are truly proud of.

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Happy New Year from Laidlaw!

As 2011 draws to an end, Laidlaw Group takes time to reflect on the milestones of the past year and is poised to move onward into 2012. The year was filled with growth for Laidlaw. Our concentration on branding integration has allowed us to rise to the next level of integrated communications in social and mobile.

Our ability to create great work goes hand in hand with the company we keep. The Laidlaw team thrives on the ability to work together toward a common vision and we understand that teamwork directs individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It fuels ordinary people to attain extraordinary results and sits at the core of Laidlaw’s work ethic.

The story reads the same for our clients who surround us. The freedom our clients give us allows the creation of exceptional work and results in the reward of mutual respect and trust. We are lucky to have clients that are as passionate about what they do as we are about what we do. We would like to thank all of our clients for their continued respect and teamwork!

With 2012 in our sights we are eager to move forward and flourish as a fully integrated marketing communications company. With the latest introduction of our web based mobile app we have expanded the scope of our business and now offer our clients the ability to provide access to their customers 24/7. Full integration of our client’s brand and vision, across all platforms and media, has been the drive at Laidlaw Group from the very beginning. It is the fuel that heats up the excitement of achievement and 2012 looks like a hot one.

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Laidlaw Building Web-Based Mobile App for In Classic Style

Laidlaw Create Mobile Platforms
In Classic Style, the luxury online magazine created by renowned restauranteur Carl Christian will soon be launching a web-based app for its members. The app is being designed and developed by Laidlaw Group. In Classic Style joins Boston’s Best Cruises and Water Taxi who are currently working with Laidlaw Group to reach their customers via mobile.

Laidlaw knows mobile is a must in today’s tech-savvy world. We offer three solutions to bring our clients directly to their customers’ fingertips. We can create a mobile app, a mobile website designed specifically for ease of use on mobile devices or we can rebuild websites not currently viewable on mobile devices or tablets. “With our suite of mobile services, we’re putting our clients’ brands directly into the hands of their clients and customers,” says Cindy Laidlaw, agency Principal. “The proprietary platform we’ve developed for apps is web-based, instantly updatable and can be customized to meet a range of client needs, from connecting customers to Google Maps for wayfinding, providing e-commerce purchasing capabilities, offering instant access to dinner reservations and launching promotions. Our clients have immediate access to their customers 24/7.”

In Classic Style will benefit from Laidlaw’s substantial experience integrating print, web, social and mobile platforms to define brand identity. “Today, information accessibility has to be immediate and available from multiple platforms,” says Cindy Laidlaw, agency Principal.

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Laidlaw Creates Online Destination Object Lust for Design Savvy Consumers

Object Lust
For the founders of Object Lust, it was destiny that brought them together. As interior designers, Susan Schaub and Scott Bell share a passion for design, art and classical architecture. They both love antiquing for hours, traveling and shopping at the Paris flea markets and restoring and renovating period homes. They have a harmonious business style with impeccable attention to detail and quite simply, they compliment each other.

Now, 13 years later, their stars have aligned once again when they chose Laidlaw Group to launch their newest venture Object Lust. Laidlaw created the Object Lust website as a destination for design savvy consumers to search “to the trade” items by category and browse designer furniture brands, unique fabrics and decorative objects from leading manufacturers. Once the customer finds what they’re looking for, they call or email Object Lust and request product & pricing information.

In addition to designing the website, Laidlaw Group has created social destinations where consumers can interact with the company on Twitter and Facebook and visit the Object Lust Blog to learn about the latest trends in color, design, architecture and interior design. It’s nothing but spectacular for the consumer who wants to immerse themselves in the world of interior design.

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Laidlaw Unveils New Website for UNIPOWER LLC

Unipower LLC Website by Laidlaw Group

From Press Release distributed by UNIPOWER LLC, November 2011
Editorial Contact: Joe Merino

Coral Springs, Florida – UNIPOWER LLC proudly unveils the new corporate website. The state-of-the-art site offers customers fast and easy access to the complete family of UNIPOWER products and technical data.

The website architecture allows for fast navigation by engineers looking for power solutions. A broad overview of products for industries and markets served and detailed specifications for any product selected are just a click or two away. Whether our customer is looking for an off-the-shelf power solution or a customized power solution, the revolutionary UNIPOWER website offers sorting by specifications to make the selection process efficient.

For the first time, the new UNIPOWER website also brings together the complete line of products from a number of companies under the UNIPOWER umbrella, including: Technipower, Deltron, Power Solutions and Universal Voltronics.

The site also includes access to contact information for UNIPOWER offices worldwide, sales personnel and a complete list of Representatives and Authorized Distributors of UNIPOWER power solutions. As in previous websites, the “Chat” feature is also incorporated and available to customers for instant response by factory personnel. Additional features, including “shopping cart” and “special areas” for customers, representatives and suppliers will be added in the near future.

The site was designed by Laidlaw Group, an award winning integrated marketing communications firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

Editor’s Note
UNIPOWER LLC designs, manufactures and markets switching power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, sine wave inverters, front ends, rectifiers, dc power systems and dc distribution products for telecoms, datacoms, network equipment, servers, data storage, industrial, military and medical systems. Headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, with manufacturing and technical facilities in Connecticut, the U.K., and dedicated high-volume manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan.

For reader information contact Joe Merino, UNIPOWER LLC, 3900 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, Florida, 954-346-2442.


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Design New England Magazine Chooses Laidlaw To Promote 5th Anniversary Celebration Through Social Media

Design New England 5th Anniversary Celebration
Thursday, November 17th is sure to be a star-studded night when over 350 guests will attend Design New England’s 5th Anniversary Party during the exclusive Gala Preview of the Boston International Fine Art Show at the Cyclorama in Boston’s South End. In addition to celebrating a half-decade of bringing the best in interior design, architecture and landscape design to readers, Design New England will present the first annual Mentors In Design Awards, honoring individuals in the design industry who selflessly mentor young designers. Laidlaw Group is the official Social Media Agency for event!

The Mentors In Design Awards from Design New England were inspired by the Over My Shoulder Foundation, a nationally recognized advocate for the power of mentoring. Choosing from a wide field of nominees, the distinguished panel of judges included: Nancy E. Hackett, IIDA, IDEC, NCIDQ Associate Professor & Co-Director Interior Design Program, New England School of Art and Design, Suffolk University; David Shapiro, CEO + President of Mass Mentoring Partnership and Peter Wheeler, President, Sara Campbell LTD. Sponsors for the event are: the Fifteenth Annual Boston International Fine Art Show, Eco Structures, Inc. and Cumar Marble and Granite. A special treat for this event will be the presentation of the stone award designed by Cumar’s president Ivo Cubi, stone designer Dawn Carroll and the entire Cumar team.

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Laidlaw Clients Give Back

Laidlaw Group Client Gerri Weiner of Green Promotional Items Gives Back You could say there’s a spirit of generosity around the Laidlaw Group. This past summer, Laidlaw Group was able to bring together local charity The FA Project with Boston’s Best Cruises. In a wonderful gesture of giving, Boston’s Best Cruises committed a portion of all their Harbor and Sunset Cruise ticket sales to the Winthorp-based charity that works to provide financial support to individuals suffering from debilitating neuromuscular disease Friedreich’s Ataxia.

Now, we want to share another incredible story of selfless giving from yet another client. Founder of Corporate Accents Unlimited and eco-friendly promotional products website Green Promotional Items, Gerri Weiner, was able to save the life of a boy she had never even met half a world away in 2005.

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Laidlaw Group Develops Proprietary Mobile Platform

Laidlaw Group Creates Web-Based Mobile Platform

It’s a mobile revolution at Laidlaw Group. In today’s smartphone, iPad-crazed world (according to, over 4 million iPhone 4S devices were sold during the phone’s launch weekend), we at Laidlaw know that mobile platforms and apps are a must to take our clients to the next level of their marketing/communications programs. Consumers want what they want, when they want it, in the palm of their hand, at the touch of a button. In fact, research shows that today, more people are accessing information from handheld devices than from their desktops.

With Laidlaw Group’s first web-based mobile platform, we’re taking clients front and center to their target audiences. Our proprietary platform can be customized to meet a range of client needs, from connecting customers to Google Maps for directions, providing instant ticket purchasing capabilities, offering access to dinner reservations and instant couponing. Our clients have immediate access to their customers 24/7.

Laidlaw Group Principal Cindy Laidlaw says, “We’ve been working on this for over a year, and every minute we put into its development was worth it.”

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