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The Laidlaw Group

The Unique Balance In The Client Agency Relationship

Laidlaw Group
by Cindy Laidlaw

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with many great clients. They have included Fortune 500 CEO’s, passionate entrepreneurs, successful retailers, up and coming manufacturers, government agencies, high-powered executives, sports icons and charitable organizations who have each, in their own way, left an indelible mark on us.

As often as I talk about the impact these relationships have had on our careers and how they have influenced the culture of Laidlaw Group, I don’t think I have ever actually defined what we consider to be a great client.

A great client allows us to take them out of their comfort zone and believes in us. They believe that with our guidance, their brand will soar to new heights. They trust that we bring our experience, expertise, commitment and creativity to their project, and they know that we judge our success by results. We realize that we will never know their business as well as they do, but great clients know that our experience and objectivity often lead to new discoveries and unearthed opportunities that would never have been found without their willingness to trust us and be open to change. More importantly there comes a point when they join us on our journey to define them, and we truly work together. Walls come down and communication channels open up. It is a very rewarding moment for us.

So we thank them for believing in us and respecting us over the years and allowing us to fulfill our passion which is to do great work that we are truly proud of.

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