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The Laidlaw Group

Google Cracks Down on
SEO Scams

Google Article in The New York Times

Photo Illustration by The New York Times

As a core service provided by Laidlaw Group, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is approached with two key goals in mind – 1) raise our clients visibility in organic search, ultimately increasing their market share and 2) play by the rules.

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Power, Style and Private Putting Greens Connect With Laidlaw

It’s an exciting beginning of 2011 for Laidlaw Group as we welcome a trio of new clients: Unipower Corporation, In Classic Style and Warren A. Nichols!

As a leader in high-density, hot swap power solutions for telecoms, datacoms, network equipment, servers, data storage, industrial and medical systems, international company UNIPOWER Corporation will undergo a re-branding plan Laidlaw developed for its Technipower business unit. As part of the plan, Laidlaw will create a new capabilities brochure as well as re-design the Technipower website.

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